The University of Montana is now accepting applications for a six-day summer program for college women to become politically active and assume greater leadership roles in their organizations and communities.

Associate Director at the Mansfield Center. Deena Mansour, said the program is called Montana NEW leadership, a six day residential program from June 4-9 on the UM campus.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us here in Montana,” Mansour said. “We have partnered with the Center for American Women in Politics out of Rutgers University, and they have been partnering with about 30 universities across the country for a number of years to offer this leadership opportunity to female undergraduates, and this is the first time this program has been made available to Montana students.”

Mansour said the program is designed to help young women become more engaged in their own communities.

“Whether it’s to be part of the political process and things that are important to them,” she said. “They’ll receive specific skills in how to do grassroots organizing, how to engage with the media, and how to engage with your political representatives. Really specific how-to’s on how to be a leader, in addition to opportunities on networking with other women in leadership roles across the state.”

The deadline for registration to the program is March 6. Those interested should visit the Mansfield Center website, or contact Deena Mansour directly at 243-2713.

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