Montanans are being targeted by a couple new scams centered around the lottery. It may sound obvious, but Montana Lottery Marketing and Sales Director Jo Berg is reminding all Montanans that they can’t win the lottery if they don’t play.

"You don't win the lottery unless you buy a ticket," Berg said. "The scams that have been popping up lately, there is one big one that has been on Facebook recently that hit the whole U.S. It makes people think that if they 'click here' they will be entered to win a million dollars in either the Mega Millions game or the Powerball game."

Berg said a Helena-area man came to the Montana lottery offices with an envelope and check from a local bank, but this, too, was a scam.

"We actually had a gentleman come into our offices earlier this week with a letter and a check advising him that if he cosigned this check and deposited it into his bank account he would get some money as well," Berg said. "It looked very legitimate. The check even appeared to be from a local bank."

So far, Berg said no Montanans have reported losing any money because of the scams.

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