Nearly 10,000 adoring fans cheered, laughed and chanted ‘USA’ ‘USA’ ‘USA’ in the Minuteman Jet Center hangar as President Donald Trump promoted Matt Rosendale and Greg Gianforte in the November 6 general election.

After the impressive landing of Air Force One at Missoula International Airport, Trump took to the stage and pounded incumbent Senator Jon Tester for his deciding vote on Obamacare and for voting against both Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

“The Democrats have truly turned into an angry mob bent on destroying anything or anyone in their path, and your senator is one of them,” said Trump. “It’s disgraceful what he did. But the choice could not be more clear. Democrats produce mobs and Republicans produce jobs. But Nancy Pelosi, crying Chuck Schumer and the radical Democrats want to raise your taxes, impose socialism on our incredible nation. They want to take away your healthcare because you won’t be able to have it or afford it, destroy your Second Amendment and throw open your borders.”

The President acknowledged Senator Steve Daines, endorsed Matt Rosendale, but surprised a chagrined Representative Greg Gianforte by bringing up the incident that occurred on the day before the special election in 2017, the body slam.

“Greg is smart, and by the way, never wrestle him. Any guy that can do a body slam, that’s my man. I was in Rome, but I heard that he body-slammed a reporter. I said oh, this is terrible, he’s going to lose the election, but then I said, wait a minute. I know Montana pretty well. I think it might help him, and it did.”

The crowd, fans of Gianforte, of course cheered loudly.

The President closed by reminding the voters that on Election Day they should choose Republicans like Rosendale and Gianforte to ‘Make America Great Again’.

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