Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Property taxes have been at the top of everyone’s minds for the last year or so, and there are many that are despairing, facing the possibility of losing their homes because they may be on a fixed income.

Just this week, Governor Greg Gianforte’s Office issued a press release reminding the public that there are property tax assistance programs for those who qualify.

I spoke with Bryce Kaatz, Bureau Chief with the Property Assessment Division this week about the program, who qualifies, and how to get access to the property tax relief.

“We have what's called the Property Tax Assistance Program commonly referred to as PTAP,” began Kaatz. “It's got a few criteria you have to meet to be eligible for it. First, you have to own the property. You have to reside in that property for at least seven months of the year as your primary residence and then you have to fall within the income thresholds in order to qualify.”

Kaatz provided details about the program and how to qualify.

“You can either qualify for an 80 percent, 50 percent, or 30 percent reduction. “The maximum amount that you can make as a single filer to qualify for the 2024 tax year is going to be $27,621. And then for a married or head of household filer, your maximum federal adjusted gross income to qualify for the program would be $37,019.”

Kaatz provided more qualification requirements for the property tax assistance program.

“It does apply to the first $350,000 in market value of a residential property,” he said. “So if the property is valued in excess of that $350,000, it would only apply to that first $350,000. And that does only apply to general property taxes, so those are your mill-based property taxes. A property tax bill usually consists of your general property tax and then some additional special fees and assessments.”

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I know you’re ready to copy down the contact information for this state-sponsored property tax assistance program, so here it is.

“If you think you're eligible you can go to our website to find that application form, or you can visit any one of our local field offices located throughout the state,” he said. “Our Missoula office is located at 2681 Palmer Street Suite 1.”

Click here to get complete details about the property tax assistance program.

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