Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - At Missoula’s Caras Park on Monday evening, U.S. House candidate Monica Tranel began her second quest to unseat incumbent Republican Ryan Zinke.

KGVO News was on hand and spoke to Tranel, who reminded voters in the Western Congressional District just how close she came to upsetting Zinke nearly two years ago.

Democrat Monica Tranel to Challenge Ryan Zinke for a Second Time

“So last time, it just felt unfinished,” began Tranel. “We climbed a high mountain and we got really close to the top. We had no outside support. Our campaign had 80 percent of our money coming from Montanans and I'm super proud of that fact. We came closer than any other race in the country and a Trump plus district. We we're taking on a formidable incumbent with lots of name recognition there. I came from nowhere and we got really, really close and I'm proud of that and it feels unfinished, and so we're getting back in to finish the job.”

Tranel was asked what she needed to communicate to the voters to be able to defeat Zinke in 2024.

Tranel said she will be a Champion for the People

“What I think Montanans are really wanting right now is they want somebody to champion for the people,” she said. “We have just seen corporate prices skyrocket. Everything is more expensive right now and I have been a champion for Montanans. I've been there and taken on Northwestern Energy and their rate hike case. I've been there fighting corporate greed and taking on the private interests where there are private equity firms buying up everything in Montana right now. And I've stood up against that for Montanans.”

Once again, Tranel cast herself as the political David battling the Goliath of the corporate world in Ryan Zinke.

Tranel cast Ryan Zinke as Being in the Pocket of Conoco-Phillips

“The contrast couldn't be more stark between the two of us,” she said. “He's taken half a million dollars from Conoco-Phillips at a time when they recorded record profits, and then he voted to have American gas sold into the international market. And guess what? Our prices went up, and Conoco-Phillips profits went up brands and Ryan Zinke benefited from that. He voted to cut funding for health care for veterans. He's voted against the people and I'm for the people and I'm tired of corporate cronies taking a livable wage away from Montanans.”

KGVO asked Tranel what her first official act would be if she defeated the incumbent Ryan Zinke.

“I would do a tour around Montana to say thank you, because this is about Montana,” she said. “It's not about me. This is my home. I don't have another one. It's the only place I live. You see me around town. You see me in the grocery store. You see me taking my kids to school, this is my home. I will say thank you, Montana, and I will deliver representative democracy in a way we haven't had in a long time.”

In the 2022 election, Zinke defeated Tranel with 50 to 46 percent of the vote.

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