The biggest trade negotiation in human history was signed today, October 5, but there are still a lot of unknowns.

As an Agriculture Policy Advisory Committee member from Montana, Dan Kidd is one of the few Americans who have been able to watch the Trans Pacific Partnership up close. Kidd says that It will be another month before the public gets to see what’s in the deal.

"The agreement was signed today, but it will take another 30 days before everything is thoroughly reviewed and put together," Kidd said. "Then the full agreement will be released to congress for them to go over the final details of the agreement."

Because of translation issues between the countries and fierce negotiations on issues ranging from automobiles to pharmaceutical patents, even Kidd will have to wait to find the details of some of the late negotiations.

"Obviously there were a lot of last minute compromises and things in the negotiations that could affect Montana Agriculture, we'll review all of those very thoroughly and make recommendations to our congressional delegation on whether we agree with it, or disagree with it," Kidd said.

Because he hasn’t read the signed version yet, Kidd was hesitant to give a final verdict. However, he did say that he was “pretty sure, we got a very good deal.”

Some of the last minute negotiations that could impact Montana include negotiations on grain trade between the U.S., Vietnam and Japan, as well as access to New Zealand’s dairy market.