Under the banner of ‘Montana United: Strategic Vision for the Future,' gubernatorial candidate Tim Fox has launched a series of “pillars of strategic vision,” each of which tackles various policy issues relevant to Montana. The fifteen strategies are rolling out one by one, with the second strategy set to be unveiled today, February 20, in Kalispell.

KGVO News spoke to Fox and Knokey to learn more about the strategies. Fox, Montana’s longtime Attorney General, is joined by running mate Jon Knokey, who formerly served in the Montana House of Representatives after working in corporate strategy for John Deere.

Fox began by telling KGVO about his and Knokey’s decision to create the fifteen pillars of strategic vision.

“Any leader that is running for elected office has to be ready on day one to lead, and I’ve done that as Attorney General, as you know,” Fox stated, citing his eight years serving as Montana’s AG.

“When I brought on Jon Knokey as my running mate…I asked him to help me to go out and find the thought leaders and the experts; the people that really know many of these policy areas that are important to our state. We have fifteen strategies we’re rolling out, and we started with agriculture last week. We had some of the most important leaders in Montana agriculture standing with us as we rolled out this draft.”

The first strategy, which was rolled out on February 11, focuses on bolstering Montana agriculture and maintaining natural resources. Some of the policy points outlined in Fox’s agriculture strategy paper include relieving property tax, supporting agricultural research, increasing education, and protecting waterways.

The second of the fifteen strategies centers on upholding public safety. Knokey told KGVO about the highlights of their second strategy.

“We’re going to be announcing the key pillars of community security across the state, and that includes sexual assault prevention, putting an end to human trafficking, stopping the use of drugs in our communities, and the major impact that drugs have on our way of life, as well as our economic growth,” Knokey said.

“Tim’s going to lead the discussion on justice system reform, mental health issues, and protecting indigenous women, and then take on the issue that’s really important to me, having three children under the age of eight: school safety.”

"When you add all that up, here's a leader who's actually talking through strategic initiatives to make Montana safe," Knokey stated.

Fox concluded the interview with KGVO by urging Montanans to support his campaign. and welcoming feedback on his and Knokey’s pillars of strategic vision.

“It’s not a house divided, it’s a ticket united,” Fox stated. “We’re asking Montanans to come around us and support us for the future of our state…as we roll out each of these pillars of strategic vision for this ticket united, we’re be posting this on our website. We’re asking that people help us [by] volunteering or donating to the campaign.”

The public can submit comments on each strategy paper, which will be published to Fox and Knokey’s website as they are released. Their campaign website can be accessed here.

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