Officials are one step closer to determining who will be the next Missoula County Elections Administrator after Rebecca Connors left the position in December. Missoula County Communications Director Anne Hughes says there are just a handful of finalists left.

"We're well underway in that process, we had a selection committee interview seven or nine people toward the end of December: our Chief Administrative Officer Vickie Zeier, our Chief Operations Officer Chris Lounsbury, and me, we run that committee" Hughes said. "We narrowed it down to three great finalists and they will interview with the County Commissioners on January 17th.

The three finalists are Dayna Causby, Michelle Denman and Bradley Seaman. Hughes says they are hoping to get the position filled as soon as possible.

"The elections office is always busy," Hughes said "You might have noticed that we put out a release last week for recruiting 800 election judges, so there is always a lot of work to do. Missoula County voters expect a lot from their elections office and we always try to deliver. We will get them in that position as soon as possible, but it is hard to know, it depends on who is selected and when they can start."

Hughes says all three finalists have experience in being an elections administrator. There were over 40 resumes in the original applicant pool.

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