Crime in Missoula ebbs and flows. Sometimes the Missoula County Attorney’s office will deal with a dozen or so felony cases in what might be called a light week, but According to Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks, this past week was far from a light work load.

"We have actually had a very busy week, we filed 23 new cases in the last week, including a double homicide case. We charged a Brian Young with attempting to kidnap a casino attendant here in town. He fled and we were able to get a warrant and he was arrested by Highway Patrol.

Though many cases were pretty high profile, the number of meth cases in Missoula is a disturbing reminder of a new normal when it comes to drug crime.

"I wish I could say otherwise, but we filed, I think four or five drug distribution cases involving methamphetamine. Two of those were related, but the others were not. On top of that there was the usual gamut of things from burglary to felony DUI to theft...  that sort of stuff.

There were also a fair number of assault charges last week, many of them between partners or family members.

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