The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 19 new felony complaints this week. Chief Deputy County Attorney Matt Jennings appeared on KGVO’s Talk Back show Friday morning and he shared his report.

“Nine were violent crimes and that is a little bit higher than average,” Jennings said. “Within that nine, there were seven instances of non-family violence. As always, we wish people treated each other a little bit better, but we are very thankful for our law enforcement officers and first responders that are always arriving quickly and trying to keep the public safe. We also had one endangerment crime and five property crimes, which include thefts, burglaries, criminal mischief, things of that nature, and three drug crimes.”

According to Jennings, almost all the drug crimes in Missoula are meth or heroin related. He said they are doing their best to hold people accountable for the risk factors that some of those drugs present.

“You may have seen that there was an officer-involved shooting this week as well,” Jennings said. “Like the rest of the public, we are waiting for some of those details. The County Attorney’s Office is not an investigative agency and that means we wait for law enforcement to gather all the facts and evidence during their investigation. They send those things to us for review. As of now, you know about as much as we do about that. We are glad the officer is safe and we look forward to looking at everything when it is presented to us.”

You can listen to Jennings' full report below.

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