New Year's Eve should be a big party, lots of celebration, and preparing for another great year. Most NYE parties will contain lots of party hats, noise makers, and tons of alcohol. There is nothing wrong with some alcohol of course in moderation... don't forget to drink water too. And most importantly, don't drink and drive. It is so easy to say but then after a drink or two your inhibitions loosen up and suddenly it becomes OK because you only had one. The problem is that your body could react differently from different drinks or depending on if you have eaten anything, so one drink could put you over the legal limit. Don't test your luck as soon as you have one sip don't get behind the wheel. The Missoula Police Department and Missoula County Sheriffs have made it very clear that they will be looking for impaired drivers, especially on NYE. Getting a DUI is the last thing you need to start your new year. So, lets get you prepared now so that doesn't become an issue.

Photo courtesy of scanrail/Thinkstock
Photo courtesy of scanrail/Thinkstock

Again this year AAA is offering the Tipsy Tow, even if you aren't a AAA member. From any drinking establishment in Missoula until Sunday, January 4th you can call 800-222-4357 and a tow truck driver will come pick you up from the bar take you home and even take your car with you up to ten miles. The program is completely confidential and has been running since Friday, December 12th.

Remember you can always call a local cab company to get home safe too. In Missoula we have Yellow Cab available at 543-6644, or Missoula Green Cab at 728-8294. Also remember if you are calling on NYE there will probably be more than an hour wait for any company to pick you up, so call early. Remember waiting two hours and paying twenty dollars is always better than being in handcuffs and spending your night in jail.

Last but certainly not least, Happy New Year!

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