In college this is something we would be proud of, as we get older it's not exactly an award to be cheering about. According to the team at 24/7 Wall Street they have the perfect scientific equation to determine which city in each state is the drunkest. The results are in and for Montana the city is, Missoula.

If you want their specific details, it looked like this.

Montana, drunkest city is Missoula

Pct. of MSA adults binge or heavy drinking 23.8%

Pct. of Montana adults binge or heavy drinking 20.8%

Pct. of alcohol related driving dealths 48.6%

Missoula is the heaviest drinking metro area in Montana. Nearly 24% of area adults drink excessively, a larger share than in all but a dozen other U.S. Metros. Excessive drinking can lead to long term health problems, but sometimes poor judgement can make the consequences more immediate. Of all fatal car accidents in the Missoula metro area, close to half involve alcohol, nearly the highest proportion anywhere in the country.

With these numbers being released just a few weeks ago, hopefully next year when they do this poll the Missoula numbers will be down. I am at least hopeful that with Uber now in Missoula the DUI numbers will go down.


    2016 Christmas Tree Lighting in Missoula

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