At around 8:40 Tuesday night, Missoula Police received a call about a driver that may have been drinking. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“911 received a complaint about a possible drunk driver in the 3900 block of North Reserve Street,” Welsh said. “The complainant was an employee of a fast food restaurant who stated that the suspected driver had come through the drive-thru and showed indications that led the employee to believe she may have been intoxicated.”

According to Welsh, the caller gave a description of the vehicle and told police the direction the car left in.

“An officer did locate that vehicle and driver in the 5000 block of North Reserve Street,” Welsh said. “The officer made contact with, and identified, 38-year-old Lisa Henderson and subsequently arrested her for felony DUI. It was a felony because it was her fourth or subsequent offense. The officer also learned that she was on probation and had been declared a habitual traffic offender.”

Welsh says Henderson was parked when the officer located her and that it is unknown if she committed any traffic violations while under the influence.

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