Mitt Romney recently "won" the Ohio Dispatch Poll by two votes. With over 1,700 votes cast, Romney's margin of victory is extremely slim and goes to show how important minor factors could be in the coming election. Mitchell Research recently conducted a poll in Michigan that ended in a dead tie . . . furthering the theme that nearly anything could push the election meter in a different direction.

That being the case, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the two strategies being used by President Obama and Romney to pull those much needed "undecided" votes.

Romney's plan is straightforward, in fact it can be summed up very easily: the economy. Adding Paul Ryan to the team only stressed the economic message further. You don't add a man with his name on one of the most divisive budgets in history to your ticket unless your trying to make a point. According to the most recent Gallup Poll Romney's economic message is advancing well. By a 52% to 43% advantage, voters (or at least those polled) believe that Romney would "better handle" the economy.

Obama on the other hand, is sending a very different message. The Obama campaign has chosen to fight a two front war focused on the issues of likeability and women's health. On the likeability issue, Obama is clearly winning by 54% to Romney's 31%. However, two months ago, Obama was floating on 63% likeability while Romney was at 28%.

Finally, women's health. The Obama campaign is honing in on women's health issues for a very good reason, women represent one of (if not the) largest voting blocks in the U.S. This is why Sandra Fluke will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention and why the campaign is doing their best to put the Todd Aiken "legitimate rape" comment in Mitt Romney's lap.