Over the past week, Montana's gas prices dropped a little over three cents per gallon. That's the good news for motorists. The bad news is that gas prices typically reach their lowest point between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the price of oil has been moving up closing in on $90 a barrel.

Luckily for Montana, Gasbuddy.com Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says prices here "will likely remain in the mid-three dollar range for the rest of the year."

Although Montana prices are better off than last year, DeHaan say "the national average will likely set a new all time record high. That is prices have never been higher on Thanksgiving day and that's going to set up a dangerous start to 2013."

Interview with Petroleum Annalyst Patrick DeHaan:

Montana's average is currently at $3.45 per gallon. Missoula has some of the lowest prices in the state with a few stations selling at $3.34 per gallon.