Missoula County Sheriff-elect T.J. McDermott appeared on the Talk Back program on Wednesday, after emerging victorious over write-in candidate Josh Clark in Tuesday's general election.

McDermott said he is hoping for a smooth transition period with current Sheriff Carl Ibsen between now and the time he will take office on January 1.

"We have a couple of months here to work together to have him show me the ropes and assist me in any way to take over the position of sheriff," McDermott said. "I just hope he'll acknowledge the will of the voters. I was just hoping he'd assist me with a smooth transition, and that's something that hadn't happened after the primary election, and now that it's official, I just really want to work with him to give him the respect he deserves for his long standing career in this community, so that he can go out with dignity and respect. But, I'm also asking him to give some respect to the new guy coming in so we can have a smooth transition."

McDermott mentioned that he had not yet received a call from his opponent, Josh Clark, conceding the election.

"I haven't heard from Mr. Clark, I didn't hear from him last night," he said.

"There was no concession call?", asked one of the hosts.

"Absolutely not," McDermott said. "I haven't heard from him, which is disappointing. But, I imagine after this sets in and people have the chance to move forward, that hopefully him and I will have a conversation. It's perfectly normal for anyone who is elected sheriff to bring in someone different as undersheriff, but Mr. Clark will be treated fairly, he'll still have a position within the department. He's not going to lose his pay Like I told him after the primary election, if there's something that he wants to do, I'm more than open to sitting down with him and discussing it."

Clark has been undersheriff to Carl Ibsen. He ran a vigorous write-in campaign after losing the Democratic primary in June.