A stuck truck has led to some changes out at the Orange Street Exit off of I-90. Knife River Project Manager Mike Eichner is monitoring design of the new roundabout interchange out there and says some vehicles will be prohibited starting this morning.

"Tomorrow, [May 3], starting at 7:00 a.m. we are going to restrict the 104 Exit at Orange Street to cars only. We don't want any semi-trucks coming through that interchange anymore, we had one get stuck last night on the curb and he was stuck there for four or five hours before we could get him off it. There's just not enough room for semi trucks right now."

When the semi clogged the roadway, workers had to lay a gravel ramp to help other cars get around. Eichner says larger vehicles that aren’t semi trucks are advised to try to find other routes into Missoula too.

"I would suggest people try to find an alternate route, there's plenty of entries in Missoula, it is just a little too tight and I think we will have this closure in place until Wednesday or Tuesday next week and then we'll open it back up."

Work on the roundabout interchange is expected to continue through the end of June.


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