The Montana State Department of Labor and Industry has launched a new program to help those who are self-employed to receive unemployment benefits.

Missoula Job Service Director Kellyann Deniger provides details on the updated program.

“Our central office has been working very hard on trying to implement some of then rules from the CARES Act, and one of those rules is that self-employed people might possibly be eligible for unemployment insurance,” said Deniger. “On Tuesday, they unveiled a new portal that people can use online to file for unemployment benefits.”

Deniger said the method for applying for benefits is simple and effective.

“It’s really pretty amazing,” she said. “It’s very straightforward and very intuitive. In some ways it’s easier that the other process and I just really hope that people will find that they can get in there and file with no issues. Thos folks are also going to be eligible for the $600 additional dollars per week on top of what their claim is going to be established for.”

Deniger said Montana has a large number of self-employed people that haven’t received any money.

"They’re not receiving any money from their self employment,” she said. “We are very hopeful that will be able to help them out. Once they file, the site says that they’ll receive benefits in seven to 10 days. I know it’s hard, but at least it’s a date. It’s something they can hang on to, and we’re already receiving reports that people are already receiving their benefits.”

Get details and assistance by calling 406-444-3382.

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