The Missoula County Sheriff’s Office has placed their School Resource Officer on administrative leave after a duty weapon was left in a faculty bathroom at a local area school.

Undersheriff Rich Maricelli said the officer was placed on administrative leave after the incident occurred on Friday, September 14.

“On Friday afternoon at about two o’clock, I was notified that our school resource officer was at one of the county schools and her duty firearm was left inside a faculty restroom, and a brief period of time went by before it was discovered and announced,” said Maricelli. “We take school safety very, very seriously and the school acted appropriately, and I can tell you the officer is on administrative leave.”

Maricelli would not reveal the school where the incident occurred.

KGVO asked what the possible repercussions could be for the school resource officer.

“It’s too early to speculate on that situation, but I guess I would say that anything is on the table right now as far as different levels of punishment, but it’s premature to speculate on the outcome.”

Maricelli said the officer and the program itself have proven to be very popular and successful in relating to students on a face to face basis.

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