Missoula County Public School District One Superintendent Mark Thane submitted his letter of resignation on Tuesday effective on June 30.

Thane, a regular on the KGVO Talk Back program, said after the massive bond issue and school construction projects, he felt it was a good time to step aside.

“That was a significant ask of this community,” said Thane. “There was tremendous support and a number of allies rose to support our request. To have the opportunity to go out and engage with the community in meetings and at service clubs, to listen to them and be able to answer their questions and ultimately to have a successful election, that was a once-in-a-career opportunity.”

Thane also highlighted other accomplishments during his time as superintendent.

“Instructionally, I think we’ve had some great successes,” he said. “I look to the establishment of our early kindergarten program this year. I also think about the teaching and learning to develop what we term a guaranteed and viable curriculum.”

Thane said once June 30 comes and goes and he has had some time for the dust to settle that he may pursue other areas of service to the community.

“I will take some time to reflect and if there’s some opportunity for me to remain engaged, I am certainly open to that,” he said. Regarding his monthly appearances on Talk Back, Thane was happy with the results. “It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to get before the public and that’s something KGVO affords me every month. It is so important to hear what is out there, and I would much rather hear it than have it fester, so that’s a valuable service.”

Thane did promise that he would use whatever influence he has with his replacement that the regular visits with the public on Talk Back will continue.

Thane plans to continue his monthly visits until his retirement in June.


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