It was a bittersweet day on KGVO’s Talk Back show on Thursday. Mark Thane visited the studio for the last time as superintendent of Missoula County Public Schools. Dr. Rob Watson, the current superintendent of Bozeman School District, will take over Thane’s position on July 1. Dr. Watson explained why he decided to join MCPS.

“I was really impressed with not only what Mark has done with the district and the community, but actually the district’s mission in serving all kids was really inspiring for me,” Dr. Watson said. “It is something I believe in wholeheartedly. I am very passionate about making sure that all kids are served and that all kids are given an opportunity. I saw that in the mission statement and that immediately encouraged me to apply.”

Thane says he couldn’t be more excited to have Dr. Watson come on board.

“He knows the community well,” Thane said. “He served as principal at three different buildings. He served at Rattlesnake, Porter and Sentinel High School. He is highly regarded as a superintendent in the state of Montana. He is going to bring some skills and attributes to the community that will really benefit our district and I think will move MCPS forward significantly.”

Dr. Watson says Thane has done an outstanding job as MCPS superintendent.

“Mark has been a mentor for me for a long time and I really appreciate the opportunity to take over for him and carry forward all the great things he has done,” Dr. Watson said. “I do want to say thank you to Mark. Time for change can always be a little nervous for everybody, but Mark has done a great job laying the ground work.”

Thane reflected on his time as MCPS superintendent and he says he is very grateful for the opportunity.

“I really have a great deal of pride in saying I am a product of this school district,” Thane said. “I think this community gets great value for the investment they make in MCPS. It has been a great run. Obviously, it is a little unsettling, but I would say I have no regrets.”

KGVO would like to thank Thane for everything he has done and we really appreciate him making time in his busy schedule to appear on Talk Back once a month. We are excited to announce that Dr. Watson has agreed to make regular appearances on Talk Back as well.

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