In an announcement this morning that caught most of the media by surprise, Mitt Romney announced that House budget author Paul Ryan would be running as the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate.

Wisconsin Congressman Ryan was a lightning rod for debate due to a strong focus on tying the economic discussion directly to the programs that money goes to support, often bringing an economic analysis to large government programs like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


In the following video (which Romney undoubtedly used in the vetting process) Paul Ryan explains the difference between the Republicans and Democrats at a bipartisan meeting with President Obama. Ryan focuses on the costs of health care in the speech, and draws a line in the sand by simply saying, "we don't think the government should be in control of all of this. We want people to be in control of this... We want to lower health care costs, not raise them."

Here's another clip of Ryan from a week ago where he challenges the U.S. tax code.