Thanks to a Reddit post asking about the "most interesting facts" in Montana, I have learned so much about the Treasure State.

And who says Reddit turns your brain to mush?

This world record has to do with weather, and we all know how brutal Montana can be when it comes to ole' mother nature. She's harsh, so harsh in fact that we need a separate dictionary to keep up with the extreme weather terms.

10 Helpful Montana Weather Terms You Need to Know

Weather in Montana can be unpredictable. Here are 10 weather terms that you need to know.

Interesting Montana world record

Today a Reddit user pointed out that Loma, Montana has the world record for the greatest temperature range in a day. 

After fact-checking on, it checks out. On January 15, 1972 Loma, Montana set the world record when the temp started at -54 degrees Fahrenheit and spiked to 49 degrees above zero. That is an astronomical difference of 103 degrees.

The extreme plunge in temperature in Loma was caused by a downslope chinook wind event. -Guiness Book of World Records

According to the National Weather Service, a downslope wind occurs "when warm/dry air descends rapidly down a mountain side." The "chinook" part of the definition is a "moist wind from the Pacific." The two fronts collided and WHAM. It created history with the largest jump in temperature in a 24-hour span.


Before Loma set the world record, the original record holder was held by a different Montana township.

"The previous one-day greatest temperature range also took place in Montana: the town of Browning experienced a drop of 100 degrees Fahrenheit from 44 degrees to -56 degrees on 23-24 Jan 1916."

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The next time we're crying about a cold day this winter just remember it could be worse.

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