The Missoula Police Department took a young man into custody Wednesday, August 12,  after they found him with a stolen bike. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says this was not his first time.

"We have connected Mr. Chilcoat to two separate cases involving bike theft," Welsh said. "Like any cases involving property when we do make an arrest, we are checking to see if he is or can be connected to other similar cases."

Welsh identified the 18-year-old as Brady Chilcoat, and said this may have been caused by an easy opportunity.

"A lot of these cases are crimes of opportunity, by that I mean, they are either left leaning against something that is unlocked or left in a front yard or a backyard and the opportunity presents itself," Welsh said. "Sometimes people be actually out looking for bicycles and may come prepared to defeat locks. This particular case with Chilcoat I don't know what his motives were but usually they are crimes of opportunity."

The Missoula Police Department is still investigating Chilcoat to see if he is linked with other crimes.


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