Missoula Police are warning the public about a phone scam from an individual claiming to be from the police department, who is demanding money in order to settle a criminal charge.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said the individual on the phone has some kind of foreign accent.

"All the calls we're getting claim that the person speaks with some sort of accent," Welsh said. "The calls center around some sort of alleged crime or warrant, and is attempting to get the recipient to pay a fine, or to contact an officer at the department named Sebastian Brown. There is no officer at the department by that name, and we want the public to know that we are not associated with these calls."

Welsh is asking for the public's assistance in finding out more about this individual.

"If they choose to, please listen to the individual and to his accent, any background noises they might hear, a name if one is mentioned, or a number from the recipient's caller I.D.," he said. "Once again, I want to emphasize that this individual does not represent the Missoula Police Department."

Welsh said anyone who receives such a call should contact the police department at 552-6300.


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