Eyewitness reports say someone with a gun near Victor School triggered a lock down of that facility.

"Everybody is safe and sound and the incident is over," said Superintendent Dan Johnson, "We are back on regular schedule and students are going back to class. We did have a lockdown incident here at Victor School based onsuspicious activity that was reported to the sheriff's office. We went into lockdown at about 12:47 today."

Lieutenant Travis McEldery from the Ravalli County Sheriff's office says there was indeed a man with a gun seen near the school, but that there is nothing to worry about.

"There was a report of a guy walking with a gun, but he was just trying to be a nice citizen and was trying to shoot some birds that were harassing the church across the street, it was nothing."

The lockdown only occurred for just about 20 minutes, while law enforcement thought the situation may have been more serious.


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