The 114th 'Brawl of the Wild' is more than just about Missoula and Bozeman. The rivalry literally stretches around the world. 

The University of Montana Alumni Association, in conjunction with Montana State University, has helped to establish over 80 Griz-Cat game satellite viewing parties this Saturday.

Outreach Coordinator Jodi Johnson Moreau said the two organizations have been working to outfit satellite viewing parties as far away as the Virgin Islands.

"We're talking Alaska, Hawaii, Connecticut, Georgia, Tennessee, a lot of venues in California and Washington, Massachusetts, Utah, Texas, and we even have one in the American Virgin Islands," Moreau said. "Those wanting to host a party must find a venue with the capability of receiving the game via ROOT Sports, then they set aside an area where fans from both teams can come together and watch the game."

Moreau said the two alumni associations send out something called a 'party box'.

"It's a packet of goodies, like pennants, pom-poms, and other giveaway items that are sent out to the coordinators from both schools who take them to the venues, and they decorate Griz and Cat alike," she said. "And then, a good time is had by all."

Moreau said some venue are more grateful than others of Saturday's later kickoff time of 3 p.m.

"Our coordinator out in Hawaii was saying how nice is is to have a later kickoff  time, so they're not starting off at 9 a.m." she said.

Get more details about the viewing parties at the UM Alumni website.