Voters can start filling out their federal primary ballots soon. Missoula elections coordinator Dayna Causby explains.

“Now that we are wrapping up the school board election in special districts, we are happy to move on to the federal primary,” Causby said. “That mail out date is Friday, May 11th. We have mailed out 47,000 plus ballots. Some people will get theirs on Saturday and some people will get theirs on Monday.”

Causby says voters should call the elections office if they don’t get their ballot by Tuesday. Because of some construction, one of Missoula’s polling places is being relocated.

“The Hellgate polling place is being moved from the elementary school,” Causby said. “The school is under construction and they have asked us to relocate for this 2018 election cycle. We are moving to the Missoula Technology and Development Center and that is located at 5785 West Broadway Street, which is out past the fire sciences and all that stuff.”

Ballots can be mailed back, or dropped off at local polling places or at the fairgrounds. All ballots must be returned before 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5th.

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