The race to be Missoula's next mayor got crowded fast when three new candidates decided to compete during the last two days to register.

"Well up until Thursday, Mayor Engen was running unopposed and I feel like the voters need to have a choice, choice is always better," said new candidate, Dean McCollom. "If you have only one person running, you have a monolog, and that leaves people feeling like their voice is not being heard, so the reason I am running is to create a dialog and to be able to vet the issues more deeply and from multiple angles."

Peggy Cain hopes to be Missoula's first female Mayor in 65 years.

"I think we can do better then we are doing," said Cain. "I think city government can and should be accessible to all citizens and all businesses. We should spend tax money like we wont get any more tomorrow. A lot of us are being taxed out of the houses that we have worked hard for."

Mike Hyde has a focus on making Missoula the "Garden City." He argues that the sale of Missoula's water to the Carlyle Group was a horrendous mistake and that Missoula needs to focus on giving the people access to locally grown produce. He's also promised to put $40,000 of his own money toward that cause if elected.

"It's 2013, and we don't even have an indoor green house and farmers market in Missoula to guarantee our citizens healthy produce that is high is nutrition," said Hyde. "Parents are making the decision of going to Walmart to buy produce that is genetically modified and so I feel like that is a huge issue."

Sitting Mayor John Engen has also filed to run for mayor for a third time. All four will compete for votes until election day in November.