Many people ride bikes in Missoula and some folks ride at night without a bike light. As a result, patrol officers with the Missoula Police Department will be handing out lights to those who need them. Sergeant Greg Amondson explains.

“It is the mayor’s bike light program,” said Amondson. “It started 12 years ago after the tragic death of a young bicycle rider that was riding during hours of darkness without lights. This program is aimed at giving lights to bicyclist that ride at night so that cars can see them and they can ride safely.”

According to Amondson, there is a state law that requires cyclist to have a light on the front of their bike.

“The state law says you have to have a white light on the front,” Amondson said. “It requires a certain amount of illumination. It has to be a light that is visible from a few hundred feet, not 20 feet away. The state law only requires a reflector on the back. We recommend a flashing red light on the back just to make yourself that much more visible.”

Amondson says officers will distribute the lights over the next couple of weeks.

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