A new crop of Missoula City Councilors, Municipal Court Judges and a fifth term Mayor were all sworn in at the Missoula City Council chambers on Monday afternoon.


Before swearing-in Municipal Court Judge Jennifer Streano, one of her mentors in Missoula District Court, Judge Leslie Halligan said Streano has won accolades as a public defender.

“She was born in Washington State and grew up primarily there, but she came to Montana and graduated from the University of Montana law school in 2005,” said Judge Halligan. “She's received a number of awards. In 2012, she was given an award from the public defender's office that demonstrated exceptional leadership and public defense, and in 2015, she was awarded Lawyer of the Year from the Montana Association of Criminal Defense.”

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Another District Court Judge, Shane Vannatta, acknowledged the crowd inside the City Council chambers and held them to remember the day that Jake Coolidge was sworn in as a Municipal Court Judge.

“Much like we show up at weddings to support a couple as they enter into their bonds of matrimony, you are here to support these three judges and all of these elected officials. You are here as a tangible sign of your support.”

Also sworn in as a Municipal Court Judge was Eli Parker.

City Councilors sworn in were Ward 1’s Jennifer Savage, Ward 2’s Jordan Hess, Ward 3’s Daniel Carlino, Ward 4’s Mike Nugent, Ward 5’s Stacie Anderson and Ward 6’s Kristen Jordan.

Again, Judge Halligan was called upon to administer the oath of office for the fifth time to Mayor John Engen.

“As a public servant, we often work to save and care for lives,” she said. “You have done so in many ways. Certainly you have focused on housing our citizens, and ensuring that the nuts and bolts of city work that we often take for granted including our emergency services, our first responders and our beautiful parks. You've made Missoula an even better place for all of us to live.”

Then, Judge Halligan administered the oath to Mayor Engen.

Click here to see the entire ceremony on the City of Missoula’s Facebook page.

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