The Missoula Outdoor Recreation and Education Program has come up with a new program, where they will be setting up Folf (or Frisbee Golf) in parks for people to play.

Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, Tyler Decker, said that it will be a wonderful experience.

"So we just like to provide the opportunity for families to come out and have a good time and get introduced to the game of Frisbee golf," Decker said. "We come out to a different park each week, and just set up a course that's very beginner friendly, and we provide all the equipment you need to get started"

Decker said that the game is fairly simple to play, as it is just like regular golf, except with a Frisbee. The best part is, it’s fairly cheap.

"The great thing about Frisbee golf, is generally it's free, on the side from having a couple of disks to throw around, there's not green fees or anything, so you just go to the course, you can play by yourself, and you can also make it as competitive as you'd like," Decker said. "So you can go with your friends, that are seasoned vets, and have a good time if its your first time. You don't need to have a hole in one to have a good time."

The program starts this week, and continues until late May, with the event being on Tuesday from five to seven every week. Then after a brief break, the program begins again in early June, with the time being extended from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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