On Saturday, Western Montana will be hit with some extra fishing restrictions because of the warm weather.

"What we are looking at is what are called 'hoot owl' fishing restrictions on just the upper Clark Fork River and Silver Bow Creek," said FWP Public Information Officer Vivaca Crowser explains. That stretch of the upper Clark Fork runs from the headwaters all the way down to where Rock Creek flows into the Clark Fork, so on that stretch of the Clark Fork fishermen cannot fish from 2:00 p.m. to midnight."

Crowser says she expects to see more restrictions soon.

"The triggers for fishing restrictions have to do with flows in some cases, but also with water temperatures. When we see water temperatures rise above 73 degrees for three consecutive days, that's when we look at implementing restrictions. We are not quite there on other rivers, but we are getting close and with a hot/dry forecast like we have I would not be surprised to be looking at more restrictions.

Although fire season appears to be much worse this year than last, the fishing restrictions this year are going into place at almost the same time they did in 2016.

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