Montana hunters and fishermen know the frustration of soggy, ripped or even missing hunting and fishing licenses, deer or elk tags.

After several years of research, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has finally introduced their new mobile app.

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Education and Program Manager for Region Two, Vivaca Crowser has details of the new My FWP app.

“For the first time ever, we have what's called a ‘My FWP app’ which really functions like a digital wallet so that you can store your hunting and fishing licenses and associated tags,” said Crowser. “So, now you can have all that information in one spot right there on your phone so that it's easy to pull up and keep together and produce or show when needed.”

Crowser said sportsmen and women in Montana have been waiting a long time for this technology to come to hunting and fishing.

“A number of things have kind of come together,” she said. “One is just knowing that more and more this how people do business, and so we wanted to provide that option.” “It's certainly not required. There's still the option to have those paper licenses and tags, but this is just another way to do it. And we know that this will help out a lot of folks, so we wanted to work on it for that reason.”

Crowser said much of what the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks does has been online for some time, and this My FWP app is the next logical step.

“This is also part of a larger project to upgrade our online and our in-person licensing system,” she said. “And so over time, you'll see even more functionality added to this app just as a way of keeping things together, such as adding some convenience and consolidating some services that way.”

With a new license year approaching, Crowser said the time is right to add the My FWP app to your phone or mobile device.

“It becomes a method to store everything,” she said. “Here we are right at the beginning of the new license year, so as you go out and purchase a new fishing license, apply for special hunting licenses, then eventually get carcass tags, all of that can be stored in this app. You cannot purchase those things directly through the app. So that's also important to remember you still purchase them, either online or at a vendor, but once you have all those things, then it's a great way to organize it and keep it right there at your fingertips.”

The My FWP app is free through your App Store.

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