We've been following this story for a while, so it's cool to see it finally come to fruition - Maid, a new Netflix miniseries based on the memoir by Missoula-based author Stephanie Land, is set to be released on Friday, October 1st.

How We Got Here

We first heard about Maid being developed into a series for Netflix back in 2019, when Orange Is the New Black writer Molly Smith Metzler was hired as showrunner.

From there, casting was underway, and stars like Margaret Qualley (who has her own ties to Montana - she was born in Kalispell!), her mother Andie McDowell, and Nick Robinson all joined the show.

A few months back, Stephanie Land took to Twitter to talk about her rejection from the University of Montana's writing program when she was a student... and how her submission for the program was the basis of the book that Netflix decided to turn into a series. How the tables have turned!

Netflix Is Set To Release Maid This Week

Maid is being released on October 1st, and early reviews - at least what we can see on Rotten Tomatoes - are strong! And while the series wasn't actually filmed in Montana, there is a shot in the trailer that should excite some Missoulians - check it out below, you'll see what I'm talking about at the 2:09 mark.

Yep, that's a shot from the I-90 Highway turning into Missoula, featuring the M trail in the background!

We're wishing all the luck to Stephanie Land and the crew behind Maid (and I'd recommend checking out Land's Twitter account if you want to learn more about the show). Think you'll be checking the show out on Netflix?

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