The new Netflix series Maid has been making a huge impression ever since it debuted just a couple of weeks ago. It's been getting rave reviews, and has consistently been featured in Netflix's Top 10 since it premiered.

And there's been a lot of talk about it on this website in particular, because the show is based on a memoir by Stephanie Land, an author based in Missoula. The book and the series detail Land's life living in poverty while raising her young daughter, before ultimately arriving in Missoula and enrolling at the University of Montana (which wasn't without its own set of challenges as well).

Because Land is based here and her story is so tied into Missoula, it makes sense that she's been tweeting about Missoula a lot over the last few weeks as more and more people discover the series, and subsequently seek out the book. The other day, Land tweeted a photo of her daughter atop Mount Sentinel almost 10 years ago, and in it, she noted that a local bookstore in Missoula was actually selling signed copies of "Maid" while they last.

That would be Fact & Fiction, located in downtown Missoula, and you can stop into the store or check them out online to get a signed copy of "Maid" for $15.99 - which, considering how popular the book and the series have become recently, is a pretty great price!

If you want to learn more about Land, her story, her writing, or behind-the-scenes accounts of the show, I'd definitely recommend following her on Twitter, where she's been incredibly open about her experiences and has been posting a ton of photos, too.

Have you had the chance to read the book or watch the Netflix series yet?

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