Knife River, in conjunction with the Montana Department of Transportation, will be doing road repairs and construction in the Mullan Road area between Flynn and Frey Roads on May 26 and June 2.

Knife River Project Manager Mike Eichner said the projects will involve crack sealing, along with pavement milling and replacement.

"For crack sealing, we'll rout out the existing cracks and put a rubberized asphalt back in those cracks," Eichner said. "Milling consists of milling the asphalt down two-tenths of a foot and then paving that back over. Each of the projects will take just one day, the crack sealing this Thursday the 26th and the milling on the following Thursday, June 2nd."

Eichner said Knife River submitted the low bid and was awarded the job by the Montana Department of Transportation. He said about five individuals would be conducting the crack sealing, and about a dozen for the milling project.

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