Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton isn't expecting to get much sleep on election night and says he believes the Montana Special Election will be a close election with Republican Candidate Greg Gianforte and Democrat Rob Quist running neck and neck.

"The groups behind the scenes do their own polling, a lot of times that's not public, but probably a month or two ago it was widely considered a double digit lead based on Trump's strong showing in the November general elections, but we are seeing now, is that it has tightened considerably," Stapleton said.

Other than the voters themselves, no one yet knows what’s inside the ballots, but Stapleton says there are some hints to what the outcome might be by analyzing where the ballots come from.

"Typically democratic or typically republican ballots that are being returned, can give you a sense, but you have no idea how those people voted. There is a slight advantage, based historically, that there has been more 'republican' ballots returned, but there is technically no republican ballot and, as you know, Montana is fiercely independent an people will vote fore whomever they want."

Stapleton says he expects the final voter turnout for the special election to be higher than it was for the last presidential primary, but lower than the last general election.

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