Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Greater Missoula Youth for Christ organization is gathering volunteers for their annual Day of Service to benefit the community with a variety of service projects on Saturday, May 4.

I spoke with Executive Director Josh Jones this week about the upcoming day of service to the community.

Dozens of Missoula Youth will be doing Service Projects on May 4

“We're excited to announce our May 4th event ‘Serve Montana’,” began Jones. “We are, in our second year of running it. The day is an all city ‘serve day’ for Missoula, greater Missoula and western Montana. It's for anybody that is interested in serving the city on this particular Saturday. It's put together with the collaboration of several evangelical churches here in the city.”

Jones listed just some of the projects that youth volunteers will be tackling on May 4.

Missoula Youth will serve in a Variety of Venues Throughout the Community

“We have a variety of service projects throughout the community,” he said. “We're serving in city parks; we're serving the homeless population; we're serving single moms, and we're serving community organizations with a variety of landscaping and yard work; painting; indoor work, and all those types of activities.”

Jones laid out the schedule for the Serve Montana event in Missoula.

“On Saturday May 4 at 9:00 a.m. we will be gathering at Christian Life Center,” he said. “From there we will have a rally and then a send off and then it's off to work for the day. Projects vary that day from two three hours to the whole day, so they could be done by noon or depending on the project that they get placed at they could be done by 4:00 p.m.”


Online Registration is the Easiest way to Take Part in the Serve Montana Event

Jones said the fastest and easiest way for youth to get involved is through online registration.

“The best thing that we have is online registration, so if people were interested in serving they can go to serve montana.org,” he said. From there, they can register and along with their names it will include their abilities and how they prefer to serve, and then we're able to place them to the projects.”

Click here for more details on the Serve Montana event coming up on Saturday, May 4.

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