The Montana Highway Patrol and Missoula County Sheriff's Department responded to a horrible vehicle vs. animal collision in Missoula on the night of Sunday, August 11.

"At about 10:45 last night there was a motorcycle vs. deer collision on Seventh Street near Como [Drive]," said Patrol Sgt. Jeremiah Peterson. "There were two people on the motorcycle and I don't believe either were waring helmets. One of the individuals was taken to St. Pats and, last I heard, was in critical condition. The other person was taken to community hospital where they are also receiving treatment."

Peterson said the deer had died in the accident. The impact created a wide debris field and there are long tire streaks near the impact. An investigation into what happened is being handled by the Montana Highway Patrol.

The 21-year-old driver of the motorcycle is expected to recover. However, the passenger, 27-year-old Eusebe Joseph Scheffer died from injuries sustained in the crash.