At around 5:56 p.m. on Memorial Day, a Missoula Police Officer responded to an accident injury involving two vehicles at Brooks and Oxford. A vehicle had been rear ended twice by a blue truck and the blue truck fled the scene. The occupants of the hit vehicle included a woman who was 7 months pregnant. She required medical attention and was transported to Community Hospital.

The driver of the hit vehicle took a photo of the blue truck's license plate. After running the license plate, officers discovered the owner was Leroy Young Running Crane and that his address was in the 1400 block of East Broadway. Officers drove to the residence and the blue truck was parked there haphazardly and half on the sidewalk. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“Upon arrival, officers were told the suspect vehicle had fled the scene,” Arnold said. “EMS responded the area and tended to those who had reported injuries. Shortly after, officers were able to locate the male driver, 41-year-old Leroy Young Running Crane, and the vehicle he had been driving. Based on the officer’s initial investigation and observations, Young Running Crane was arrested without incident on multiple traffic violations and for DUI fourth or subsequent.”

The officer observed that Young Running Crane had red, bloodshot eyes, was heavily slurring his speech, was incoherent, and appeared confused. The officer could also smell a very strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from Young Running Crane. There were injuries consistent with a vehicle crash on Young Running Crane, but he refused medical attention. In addition, Young Running Crane did not have proof of insurance on the vehicle.

He was charged with felony DUI, careless driving, failure to stop immediately at an accident scene with an injured person, and failure to carry proof of liability insurance.

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