At around 10:15 a.m. on Friday, several Missoula Police Officers were dispatched to 520 East Broadway, known as Noon’s Sinclair, for a report of a male attempting to enter vehicles. A woman said she saw a male checking vehicle doors and that he attempted to enter her vehicle too.

An officer responded and was informed by the store manager that the male was in the bathroom. The officer ordered the male out of the bathroom. The male came out and identified himself as 22-year-old Bryce Baumann. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The complainant had called and reported that Mr. Baumann was behaving suspiciously and they believed that he was related to a crash that had been reported the night before near the intersection of Van Buren Street on Interstate 90,” Welsh said. “Montana Highway Patrol was investigating. The officers made contact with Baumann and confirmed that he did have an outstanding felony warrant out of the state of South Dakota. The officers placed him under arrest.”

Baumann told officers that he was going through vehicles in an attempt to find “a couple of bucks” and then held up some cash. He also had a key fob and black AirPods in his pants pockets. He admitted these items and the cash had come from various vehicles he had entered.

The officer observed that Baumann had scrapes on his arm and opted to take him to St. Patrick Hospital to have him medically cleared. The officer chose to escort Baumann in himself and he noticed that Baumann had slipped his handcuffs to the front of his body. The officer asked Baumann why he had done that and he stated “because I’m awesome.”

“As they were walking in to the hospital, Mr. Baumann broke free of the grasp of the escorting officer and attempted to run northbound across Spruce Street,” Welsh said. “He got between buildings and an apartment complex directly across the street from St. Pat’s. Mr. Baumann was stopped there by a large fence that he was unable to get over. The officer attempted to regain custody of him there. Mr. Baumann fought against the officer until other officers arrived. He was eventually detained again and walked back over to the hospital before being transported to jail.”

During the fight, Baumann allegedly attempted to take the officer’s Taser. Baumann grabbed the officer’s wrist and attempted to put him in a headlock. The officer received several scratches on both of his wrists. Court documents indicate the officer feared that if Baumann was able to place him in a headlock, he could possibly take his gun. The officer was able to deliver several elbow strikes to Baumann to get his Taser free and was able to make contact using his Taser to gain control of Baumann until other officers arrived.

Baumann was charged with felony escape and felony assault on a peace officer.

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