Six prominent Montana democrats also happen to be superdelegates, with the power to vote for whomever they'd like to support in the upcoming presidential nomination decision.

So far this week, all but two of Montana's superdelegates announced who they were supporting and why:

Senator Jon Tester explained on Friday, June 17, that he would be supporting Hillary Clinton saying, "Hillary is the most qualified person on the ballot to unite our nation at a time when dangerous rhetoric threatens to divide us. I look forward to working with her to create jobs, strengthen the middle class, keep our country safe, and invest in education and infrastructure so we can move our nation forward. I want to thank Bernie for running a strong grassroots campaign, energizing young folks, and talking about important issues facing our nation. Now it's time for us to come together to win up and down the ballot this November."

Montana Democratic Party Chairman Jim Larson, also backed Clinton in a Democratic Party press release writing, “Sec. Clinton brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. She has a proven history of fighting for middle class families and opposes foreign trade deals that will bring harm to American workers. Sen. Sanders has run a tremendous campaign and I applaud his efforts to advance the discussion on a number of issues. I do believe this party will unite behind Hillary Clinton, a proven leader who will work hard, every day, on behalf of all Americans.”

Montana Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Jacquie Helt, did the same in a press release, writing: “I’m a woman, mother, grandmother and proud union member. Hillary Clinton will stand up for all of us when she’s elected as President of the United States,” Helt said. “Hillary Clinton reflects my views of supporting middle class families, protecting women and moving the United States forward. I’m grateful to Bernie Sanders for his campaign and am ready for our party to unite around a proven leader.”

So far, the only Montana Superdelegate to publicly express support for Bernie Sanders is Democratic National Committeewoman Jean Lemire Dahlman, who, according to Politico, told both her state party and the Bernie Sanders campaign of her support on Monday.

Governor Steve Bullock and  Democratic National Committeman Jorge Quintana have yet to reveal their p


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