If Montana Governor Steve Bullock is elected to the U.S. Senate, and former Vice President Joe Biden is elected President, they may be working together on changing the nation’s gun laws, something of concern to Gary Marbut, President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

The problem is that Marbut says  Bullock has not responded to a questionnaire from the MSSA on his stance on gun laws.

“Candidate Bullock did not return MSSA’s candidate questionnaire so we don't have specific information about what he would do in the Senate,” said Marbut. “However, Presidential candidate Joe Biden has a very specific section on his website about his intent for the right to keep and bear arms which is really not very commendable.”

Marbut said he wanted to know how completely he might follow Biden’s policies on gun rights and gun control.

“I sent a letter to candidate Bullock asking if he and Biden were both elected, how much of Joe Biden’s agenda for guns would he actively support or actively oppose?” he asked. “So we're waiting to hear from him whether or not he agrees with his presidential candidate.”

Read the MSSA questionnaire sent to Governor and Senate candidate Bullock here.

Read about Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s plans and goals on guns in the United States here.

Marbut said he is asking any media representatives to have an interview with Bullock why he has not returned the questionnaire, and what his plans are to protect Montanans’ gun rights.

“I think the big question is, will the media ask him about that?” he asked, Also, what do Montana gun owners think about that? We here at the MSSA just want that information to get to Montana gun owners.”

Marbut has written many of the present gun laws passed by the Montana Legislature.

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