Often times you hear about laws that seem outdated or just strange. Missoula is no different, as we do have some laws that most people are breaking but most likely have no idea they are breaking the law. The law that seems the most ridiculous to me has to do with playing your Radio or Phonographs too loud.

9.32.010  Transportation of sound devices through city. The construction, maintenance, operation, moving, carrying or transportation beside, along or upon any street, alley or public highway within the city of any radio, phonograph or other musical instrument, or other sound producing device, while same is producing, or reproducing sound, song, speech or music is declared to be a nuisance and is prohibited, except as provided in Section 9.32.020. (Prior code §21‑28).

Basically what this is saying is that if your radio is loud enough for anyone else to hear and that person finds it annoying, you are creating a nuisance and in that instance you're breaking the law.

I can guarantee our officers have way more important things to worry about than you listening to your radio a little too loud. Just know the next time you roll down your window and crank up the tunes you are breaking the law in Missoula.


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