The U.S. Supreme Court decided this morning, June 27 that it would not hear the Montana Cannabis Industry Associations case against a state law, which would restrict the number of clients that medical marijuana dispensaries can serve to just three.

Attorney James Goetz represents the Montana Cannabis Industry Association and says his legal quiver isn’t quite empty.

"No, we have one or two more arrows left," Goetz said. "The Montana case has been remanded to District Judge James Reynolds in Helena and we've asked him to stay the case because the Medical Marijuana issue will be on the ballot in November and it is likely it will pass."

Goetz argues that the political tide in Montana is shifting in the cannabis industry’s favor and he expects a big win in November. The stricter laws however are set to kick-in at the end of August.

"It seems foolish to end the present program at the end of August and have that two months of confusion and deprivation of services to people in need," Goetz said. "We've asked the judge to extend the stay through the November election, but the state's Attorney General Tim Fox is opposing us on that."

If Judge James Reynolds decides not to stay the case, Goetz says he has at least one more legal tactic to use, but said he didn’t want to reveal what it might be before the tactic is necessary.

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