The Moose Meadows fire burning to the east of Georgetown Lake is getting closer and closer to being fully contained. Moose Meadows Fire Incident management Team Spokeswoman Jill Cobb has details.

"We don't consider it out until it is pretty well under control," Cobb said. "Right now we're at eighty percent containment. Our crews have been out there pounding the line and searching for hot spots. They've actually pulled about 15 and 20 miles of hose off the perimeter of the fire. We've also removed the structure protection that we've had, because we just feel the risk is no longer there."

However,  the remaining twenty percent of uncontained fireline is in extremely difficult terrain.

"We're concerned about the fire up near Senate Creek right now," Cobb said. "There's some really rugged topography, some really sharp bluffs and a lot of heavy fuels remain up there. Our crews are working that end pretty heavily today with some helicopter drops. We have thunderstorms that look like they're building pretty heavily over our camp right now. The concern is that when it goes over the fire, the winds will be erratic and we might get some extra burning."

So far the Moose Meadows fire has burned a little over 3,500 acres. The type three management team currently running operations there will hand over management to a local team on Friday, August 9.

Jill Cobb: