Election Day is more than three weeks away, but some Montanans have already voted. Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch was in line to cast her ballot early today.

"I went down and voted in the county office at 9 o'clock and I was not the first one this time," said McCulloch. "There were other before me. Today was the opening of absentee ballots available to vote at the county election office, but absentee ballots won't be mailed until October 14th."

McCulloch encourages all voters to investigate their registration status and take a look at a sample ballot before the big decision.

"You can always go to my website, sos.mt.gov, to my voter page and you can see whether you are registered to vote," McCulloch said. "You can get directions to your polling places. You can actually see when the county mailed out your ballot to you, when you send it back to the county, and when it gets received to the county so you can actually track your ballot all the way. We also give you a sample ballot that you can look at."

Absentee ballots will be mailed out this Friday and should be in the hands of most Montana voters by Monday, October 17.