A new study on deer, elk and moose collisions reveals that Montanans are more likely to hit large animals with their cars than residents of all but one other state.

"Montana ranks number two in likelihood, with a 1 in 58 chance that a Montana driver will collide with a deer," said State Farm Insurnace Spokesman Brad Hilliard. "The past few years, Montana has been consistently in that number two spot. I think last year (Montana's odds) were at a 1 in 63 chance, so the odds are getting a little worse for Montana drivers."

West Virginia continues its reign as the most likely state to hit an animal.

"West Virginia is at 1 in 41 this year, so there is a little bit of a gap there between number one and number two. However, the rest of the top five:Pennsylvania is at 1 in 67 is number three, Iowa at 1 in 68 is number four and  South Dakota at 1 in 70, rounds out the top five."

Hilliard says the average cost for repairs on these types of collisions is $4,000.