The U.S. Surgeon General’s Office recently released some national statistics concerning the use of E-Cigarettes among the nation’s youth. According to Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program Manager Nicole Aune, Montana’s use rate is way higher.

"The Surgeon General just released a report in December and it is really highlighting the fact that E-Cigarettes usage rates among youth have really skyrocketed as a nation," said Aune. "In Montana, our current usage rates for high school students are 87.5 percent higher than the national rate."

Aune says the state of Montana is attempting to combat the use of nicotine products among youth, with some new advertising.

"Right now we have three new adds targeted at E-Cigarette usage," Aune said. "One is on E-Cigarette's affect of asthma, one highlights the fact that E-Cigarettes are not approved by the FDA as a quit aid and another talks about what parents should know about E-Cigarettes."

There may be some legislative action on this issue as well. There is currently a bill in the Montana Legislature from Diane Sands of Missoula that would revise the state’s clean indoor air laws to prohibit the use of vapor products.

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